Format of the degree programme

Students, who have completed the bachelor degree in engineering terms, take informatics-related modules in the first semester (min. 15 CP) and complete their education in engineering terms with 1 module (min. 5 CP). Students, who have completed the bachelor degree in an informatics-related degree programme, take modules in engineering terms in the first semester (min. 15 CP) and complete their informatics-education with 1 module (min. 5 CP). The regular study programme describes the recommended divisions regarding the sequence of modules in the areas for semester 2 and 3, which is arbitrary for the students.


Basics: According to the students prior degree, basics of the other area will be completed (min. 15 CP) and the knowledge of the origin area will be enforced with relevant contents of the Digital Engineering (min. 5 CP). These are the basics for the team project in the second semester, which is connected to the basics and in which students can realize practical work in different areas.

Human Factors: The main focus is on the soft skills, human and psychological factors in engineering activities. This will be realized with offers from the humanities and the economics faculty.

Interdisciplinary team project: Aim of this “small” project is besides the described consolidating in the basic area in the complementary science mainly the building up of key competences of interdisciplinary working on conterminal topic, which will be executed by students working in a team, and can be supervised by teaching staff from the areas engineering terms or informatics.

Methods of DE: Aim of this focus is the procurement of professional knowledge to current technological development, how they show e.g. in the input of technics like virtual and expanded reality, integrated product development and so on.

Methods of informatics: Methodical knowledge in development and input of current informatics technologies shall be imparted.

3rd Semester: On the one hand there is a professional specializing of lectures in certain using domains (e.g. process engineering, logistics, mechatronics, power engineering, medical engineering etc.) and on the other hand there is a specializing in a technological domain (e.g. visualization technology, interaction, interoperability, security, reliability etc.). Parallel the students will be integrated in a digital engineering project. Thereby they will be integrated in current research projects, offered by cooperating chairs and together with resources using of partners of industry-related research like the Virtual Development and Training Center (VDTC). Besides the professional consolidating you will find here an introduction in academic work, e.g. with collaboration on scientific publications or rather participation at scientific events.

Master Thesis: The scientific work will be written about a current theme of digital engineering. Ideally it can add to the research work in the 3rd semester.

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