Occupational fields of an DE

A digital engineer is an engineer, who brings, in addition to well-founded knowledge, special knowledge about informatics and for his domain. This makes him to a special interesting employee in many areas. It starts at big automobile manufacturer and reaches to technology companies like Bosch and Siemens up to specialized service provider for software. As regards content you can categorize the occupational fields in six core areas: technical project leading, computer-based engineering, product design, technical-software design and human-centred systems and research.

Technical product leading and management

Most of the technical development products require the interdisciplinary collaboration of different experts. To ensure this people with special knowledge about different domains and experience in project handling are necessary. The digital engineer will bring this with him. The tasks of the working world conclude e.g. quality management process improvement and controlling and the technical project leading.

Computer-based Engineering

Engineering activities are increasingly activities with and on the computer. In all phasing working without specialized software solutions is not possible. The digital engineer is trained specific for these challenges. To his area of activities are belonging e.g. the utilization of simulation based methods of analyzing, computer-aided manufacturing as well as the specification of new development and further development of the CA-tools.

Production design and planning

No product and no manufacturing process is being produced without virtual protection. For this the different aspects are modeled, simulated and /or illustrated in VR. The digital engineer offers specific knowledge about methods and technologies for this process. His Working fields reach from factory design logistic planning up to early design evaluation and construction of virtual prototypes.


At a modern high-class-automobile the costs for software development are 45% of the complete development costs. It means that software development will be a central area within a lot of automobile groups. Alike it is at the medical engineering, logistics, aeronautical and other domains. The functions of the digital engineer are software design and specification for the efficient realization of technical innovations and software solutions.

Human-centred systems

A lot of technical systems are developed after functional points. This leads to it, that installation, machine care and handling are operated very often and just from specialized persons. In the digital engineering known entries, e.g. from the software technics are insert to develop the systems from the sight of using human. The work tasks of the digital engineer are views of ergonomics, studies of the user behavior and systematic analyze of the input context.

Research and advance development

Research of today is the innovation for tomorrow. It is to except that digitalization of engineering will go on will accelerate. The digital engineers are the heads behind the research activities. To the actual challenges count virtual development labors, the digital product life cycle or the digital innovation in technical systems.

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