Frequently asked questions

I have a bachelor degree in informatics. Why should I finish my master degree in digital engineering?

Alumnus in informatics work on development projects in many occupational fields in the technical area together with other engineers and experts. A pure informatics education prepares oneself just a few for collaboration with agents of other disciplines easily as an entrant you are pigeonhole, where you can come out very hard. In the digital engineering study programmed basic knowledge of engineering will be communicated. In two trainings group work in mixed teams will be supported with the help of development projects. The group works will be exercised in the related institutes IFF and IFAK. Here you will have the opportunity to bring in your deepest informatics knowledge of the first degree and to win functional competencies for your future job.

I am a mechanical engineer electrical engineer with a diploma or a bachelor degree. What brings the master of digital engineering to me?

In typical engineering studies you learn the basic knowledge in programming and in tools of informatics but nothing more. Too less to collaborate at the development of embedded computers in automobiles or in the modeling of complex simulation models. In the master degree program informatics competencies, that are handled in modern engineering projects, are deepen. Currently teams of informatics, engineers and other experts are working together on trend-setting model projects, which will a standard in the engineering sector in the near future.

I have a degree of an advanced technical college. Is the master digital engineering interesting for me?

In the master digital engineering students of different imprinting come together those who are more practical skilled are also an integral element composition of competencies which characterize modern engineering teams. The university minded education opens the door to scientific reduction of this knowledge that offers the opportunity to a penetration of digital engineering up to a graduation.

After studying I directly started my job. Is it possible to study the master digital engineering extra-occupational?

Currently the master is applied as a full time study program. But to large extent the master program can be completed in block courses or rather in flexible trainings. If there are more interested persons of an extra-occupational organization it is planned to found a special study group for the students. Also the form of dual master studies is possible. If you are interested, please contact our

Which lectures should I attend?

Within the master program, there is no fixed schedule. Depending on your background and your personal interest, you have different options to select suitable lectures. The only restriction is that you provide enough credit points for each topic area (Human Factors, Methods of DE, ...) . However, for students with Engineering background, we recommend to attend the lecture Introduction to Software-Engineering for Engineers and Database concepts in the summer term and Introduction to Computer Science for Engineers in the winter term. A complete list of lectures is available in the module list (in german) and in the LSF.

Where can I get additional information?

You can find further information on the website of the faculty of computer science and the international office of the university.
There, general information is provided about how to apply, plan and get started with your study. See also the introductional presentation on Digital Engineering.

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