Master Degree Programme


The master degree programme refers to students with a Bachelor-degree or Diploma-degree in Engineering terms or in Informatics. The study imparts comprehensive knowledge for development, construction and operation of complex and technical products as well as systems to be found in industrial engineering or in car industry. It also qualifies the alumni for sophisticated employment and line functions to support and execute projects for use of modern IT-solutions, e.g., virtual and augmented reality, in the application area of engineering terms as well as in areas of industrial, industry-oriented and academic research.


model_kleinThe degree programme procures important competences for realization of academic research and industrial advance development. It will be reached by a combination of methods of informatics and engineering terms and domains. Special project work which exceed comparable offers, will prepare the students for special challenges of interdisciplinary research. A significant focus is on functional contents for latest technologies in development and operation of engineering solutions as well as on procurement of knowledge of methods which is a necessary condition for these successful inserts. Selected contents of the study are offered in coordination with partner of industry-oriented research and applied sciences. The key competences teached focus on interdisciplinary communication and project work which enable the students to take executive positions and interface positions because of their interdisciplinary knowledge. The following info video has been produced within a student project to better describe the Digital Engineering master degree programme.



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